A Shared Tiny House Compound in Texas

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Sadly, I can no longer share this post, but you can find the home on Small House Bliss.

4 thoughts on “A Shared Tiny House Compound in Texas”

  1. Philip F. Taccetta

    A couple of things come to mind. It appears that there is no insulation, which may not be a problem in Texas, but I’m sure one could hear their neighbors sneeze! The other thing is all the plywood. Doesn’t anybody worry about “outgassing” anymore? Maybe they’ve changed things that I’m not aware of, but I was always told that the fumes given off by the adhesives in plywood, “chip board”, etc. were bad. Is that not true any more? Other than that that, I like the design/construction.

    1. From the pictures, it looks like the walls and roof are at least four inches thick, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be insulated.

      I agree about the plywood, though. There is low-VOC/formaldehyde-free plywood available, but it’s somewhat expensive — more than solid wood in some cases.

  2. I live in Texas and believe me it would be a problem not to have insulation from 100 degree + in the summer to snow in north Texas / Hill Country. I’m sure it is insulated. I absolutely love the idea these families have. I was thinking the same way. I want a community, but I want a small community. Cuddos to y’all for taking the steps to achieve their dreams.

    1. Kerry Webster

      Looks like there is spray foam insulation mentioned in the linked article just above the second image. There are other techniques for insulation and rain screen. I have been a fan of Matt Risinger for awhile now and his take on the 500-year house are revolutionary to me. May not be as cheap as what these folks have done but worth consideration for thin air tight envelopes. And for sure the heat is a bigger concern in this part of the country.

      Perfect Wall

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