The Shed, Photo by Benjamin

More than a few people have asked about this little shed. It’s owned by a friend who’s not really available for public contact. The idea was to augment a piece of agricultural land with an accessory building to secure tools, to provide shelter from the rain, and to aesthetically enhance the surroundings. A friend of the owner developed with him some exterior sketches, and a carpenter worked out the structural matters on the fly, adhering to building code. There are no blueprints, alas. The siding and the deck are redwood, the trim and the bench are cedar. The clerestory windows came from a custom shop, the other windows and the doors are stock, the double door is assembled using full-length hinges. The inside is unfinished.” – Benjamin

Photo and commentary from The Shed | Flickr.

6 thoughts on “The Shed, Photo by Benjamin”

  1. I’d love to see the inside anyway, just from the light perspective. It’s an intriguing design, very warm feeling, and the bench is a bonus, for sitting or plants or a side table with a chair nearby. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. This website is frustrating. I “liked” because I have interest in seeing tiny houses, yet you give ONE photo, or a few….and little information. We’re interested because we want to KNOW, to UNDERSTAND. Your photos offer the skimpiest of information, and frankly makes it frustrating to view what you offer. I notice others have the same disappointment.

    1. Sorry Joe. The idea is to share a summary and link to the source, kind of like aggregating the news. I put big obvious links under the posts to make it easy for those that want to see more to find it.

  3. Where are the obvious links? I look at the links and think they are links to advertisers. Hmmm

    1. I usually link the person I’m quoting, and right below that is usually a line like “Read and see more at (name of source here)”.

  4. I’d like to complain that your free website that publishes neat ideas for tiny homes does not give me enough information to build them or follow up with the people who built them off-grid to get away from complainers such as myself. I’d also like to complain that your site which I voluntarily visit for FREE has ads that generate revenue to support your site so that I can see it for FREE and not make any supporting donations. The reason for my complaint is that I can’t help myself. After all, I hit a “Like” button which was a lot of effort and entitles me to slick paid product support. I’m also not able to simply not visit sites that do not fully satisfy me without first registering disapproval. Also, your polite responses and apology to my complaints annoy me.

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