Shipping Container Clad in Live-Edge Siding

Don’t like the steel box look of a shipping container, but want the strength and durability? Here’s a photo of someone’s shipping container class in live-edge siding. It seems like a good start toward making it look more rustic cabin-like. An end wall, windows, and roof would really polish it off.

photo via Shipping container as a garage/shed anyone have one or know anyone who has ? –

2 thoughts on “Shipping Container Clad in Live-Edge Siding”

  1. It seems like these steel containers would become ovens in the summer and ice boxes in the winter. I would want to build a pole barn or something for it to sit under.

    I know a guy who built a neat cabin inside of a “refer” semi trailer. It is already well insulated and the refer unit heats as well as cools. He has a wood stove backup for extreme cold snaps. You can buy used refer (refrigerated) trailers for $1000-5000.

    1. You can get insulated containers or insulate A regular one.
      I lived in A several mobile homes that had very little insulation and, as it was in the 50’s and 60′ s when I was A kid, they didn’t have the foam insulation we have now. In addition we had no air conditioning in any of the sardine cans I lived in except for the last one that had A window A/C in my parent’s room. Us kids sweated it out during the hot and humid Minnesota summer but the oil heat worked good in the winter
      Problem with people now A days is if it’s not 79 degrees with 25% humidity they start bitching right away. In Minnesota we have an old adage “If ya don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes. It I’ll change”.
      A container house should work out fine most of the year unless you forget to bring the silk sheets.

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