Shopdog Tiny House Kitchen

As you can see by the photos, there is a full size kitchen with a LP stove, 24v fridge/freezer, lots of storage and room to prepare food. The bedroom has a queen size bed with closets at both ends and a chest of drawers under the bed. There is a small drop-down “office” for my computer and I am currently designing a sofa/table unit for the living area. The house is mainly heated by the wood stove, but passive solar keeps the house quite warm!” – Shopdog Tiny House.

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1 thought on “Shopdog Tiny House Kitchen”

  1. Edward Thompson

    Nice, and a good setup for a container home.
    I’m looking at a 20 acre area in n/e California Right now, and this is close to what I’m building. The land has some “Junque”, including a 40′ house trailer shell, and a 20’x20′ House? shell. All have seen better days.

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