Should We Form an Intentional Community or Join One?

These folks are considering community. What would you do?

“Here is a question for our readers: Would you consider joining or forming an intentional community? And, if so, what kind of community would you be looking for?”

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1 thought on “Should We Form an Intentional Community or Join One?”

  1. It’s a good idea to join an intentional community first, to dip your feet in slowly, and learn from experienced folks what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, many IC’s have waiting lists because there are so many people wanting to join. So if you choose to start your own IC first, try to recruit other folks who have been in one for a time, who will join you and advise. This experience goes beyond just farming and building; there are certain cultural forms that survive better than others. You can get started even while you’re still in college. Join a housing co-op where tasks and decisions are typically made by consensus.

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