Simple Wood Stove Powered Water Heater

What a great idea, and nicely implemented. It’s a simple copper coil wrapped around a stove pipe. The water in the tank circulates through the copper pipe as a result of convection. A handy way to heat water and temporarily store some heat in the room.

“Tiny house on wheels in the countryside of Kilkenny, Ireland. Photos and built by Noel Higgins.” – Tiny House Swoon.

See inside of this tiny house at Tiny House Swoon

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  1. Kerry Colson wrote this in the FB page: This picture is from Teach Nollaigs tiny house. He lives in Ireland and built everything himself. The stainless steel water heater is called a ‘Burco’ over here. Thats the trade name for them. Theyre powered by electric usually. But Teach has adapted his for his needs here. The bottom coil feed couldnt be fitted any lower down on the vessel as the bottom four inches or so houses all the electrics and heater element which is all sealed in. The top of the vessel has a big lid with a knob too lift it on and off so no chance of explosions really…. Look at Teach Nollaigs wall for lots of full detailed pics…. Av a nice day :0)

    1. is he a pagan?his house is mostly decorated with very odd looking not sure if they are pagan decor..your response will be much appreciated

  2. Does anybody heat water with air conditioners or refrigerators? These things throuw off heat. The fridge usually dumps it into the house. Fine on cold days, but wasteful on warm ones.

    It seems like a tiny house be an ideal place to integrate these appliances.

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