Smart Tiny House with Intel Inside, Outside, Throughout

I love this tiny house design, but it forces me to ask the question… does complex technology help folks live more simply? I’m no luddite, but that sure sounds like an oxymoron to me.

At the end of the day the amount of tech in a tiny house boils down to a personal choice, but I wanted to call it out because too many people these days seem to automatically think technology simplifies life.  In fact the phrase technology simplifies life already sounds like a catchy tag line we’ve heard a million times.

I would agree, technology does simplify a head-spinning number of tasks – until it breaks. At that moment – depending on our own reliance on technology – we find would find ourselves at the mercy of our own dependency when tech crashes.

Case in point… imagine the central power grid going down for an extended period of time. Society would literally come to a stand-still. So some would say we’ve already got too many tech-eggs in one basket.

But now imagine a civilization, (or home), that’s less reliant on electricity and with the ability to power itself. It might not be as efficient in some ways, but as a home, (or civilization), it may be better at providing it’s most important core function – security & stability.

But I digress… I don’t think the folks at Intel were concerned about such esoteric noodlings. I think the Intel folks were just trying to build a showcase of every imaginable technological amenity – and as that, it’s cool.

But as a tiny house designer I had to point out that too much technology imbedded in a tiny house seems like an about-face to the core values the tiny house movement embodies.

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