Space-Age Floating Pod

Extreme floating tiny house that would make James Bond feel at home.

“The Anthenea measures just 4.6m in diameter and is made from fibreglass. A hydraulic jack opens the main door, but one of the most striking features is the glass bottom, which allows you to admire marine life close-up.

‘It’s very relaxing,’ says Ducancelle. ‘You feel like you’re actually floating in the water. It’s also more stable than a boat: it can resist a cyclone.'”

via Future Fantastic: Straight out of James Bond, Pierre Cardin’s space-age floating pod is St Tropez’s coolest pad | Mail Online.

2 thoughts on “Space-Age Floating Pod”

  1. godiva de maus

    “can resist a cyclone.” Umm, if I’m floating on water and in a cyclone I want it to be cyclone “proof” not merely resistant. I’m just sayin’ But it does look beautiful and restful.

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