Space… for a Studio, Sanctuary, Office by Full Moon Tiny Shelters

Here’s a very simple and small tiny house that’s designed to add a little space for those that need a guest room, office, lookout, studio, sanctuary, party shack, play room, or retreat. It also has a roof top deck!

It can be easily towed by a half ton truck, and built on a CSA certified 8′ x 16′ trailer. The walls, ceiling and floor are insulated. The walls are covered in yellow poplar and the floor are birch. Eastern cedar shingles complete this beautiful tiny house.

On the inside it’s just a simple room. For those that need more than just a little more space, some additional finishings would be needed.

Visit the Full Moon Tiny Shelters website to learn more.


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  1. What is the roofing material? Many roofing materials can’t handle point loads like chair legs. Durable materials like wood need regular maintenance.

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