Stealth Camper

While researching light weight trailer construction techniques on YouTube I ran across this video of a utility trailer that has been turned into a stealthy tiny living space. On the exterior it looks like an old innocuous cargo trailer but on the inside it’s a cozy little place to live.

Stealth Camper

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  1. I think a much more sophisticated and comfortable setup is at

    The one in this story would seem somewhat more claustrophobic and often uncomfortable without better ventilation.

  2. While I agree the one David links appears to be more finished and most likely comfortable. We all have to start somewhere and the one in this article is a large improvement on not having any of it. Think of it like a “starter home”. If your goal is just living simply, this one has you covered. Right down to the “bike garage” in the back behind the bed wall.

  3. awesome.. i just love it.. i will try and duplicate only with a 8.5 x whatever in a v-nose. but yes this is the plan i will use.. thnx

  4. this and other enclosed trailer conversions has inspired me to do the same thing so that i can get ahead in life i took a job at a rv dealership and am slowly getting 12 lights and things ,,,,,,,,,,, can you imagine not having to fork out 500 600 700 dollars every month and saving it this is a excepted lifestyle in places like Australia i cant wait ,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 more months

  5. I know I’m finding this a little late but that’s not a bad job of it, and the hand-pump sprayer for a shower is inspired! I’ll happily snag that idea myself for my low tech, low buck, boondock stealth camper. I was thinking I’d be sponge bathing or using roadside showers. Thanks for sharing!

    1. P.S. I meant to add a small critique too, it’s a bit of a give away with the propane (and electrical) exposed like that. A small thing but it sorta screams “camper” to me. A simple box covering the tanks would help.

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