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DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 7

Cody (Wranglerstar) shares the reasons he is straying off the timber frame plans he’s using. It sounds like he’ll end up with a stouter cabin as a result. You’ll also see more tricks for working with large logs in this episode. “This video covers the largest and most complex timbers in the survival cabin. I […]

DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 6

In this episode of his 12×16 timber frame cabin video series, Cody (Wranglerstar), shows us more about selectively harvesting trees for lumber. “Are you doing it right? This video will cover the tools needed to fall timber and the best chainsaw chain for your Saw. I cut this White Fir tree down with a Stihl […]

DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 5

Cody (Wranglerstar) continues to describe how to work with the raw material in this timber frame 12×16 cabin project. In this video he talks about how to work with a pitch pocket in a log, shares some basic circular saw tips, prepares to fine-tune the fit between timber frame members, and you’ll also see more Alaskan […]

DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 4

In part 4 of this video series Cody (Wranglerstar) retrieves another log for milling and some basic chainsaw usage info. “Have you always wanted a small cabin in the woods? This video series will demonstrate how mill your own timbers with a Alaskan chainsaw mill. I will also be using a mini mill attachment. The […]

DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 3

In part 3 of this video series, Cody (Wranglerstar) continues the slow work of cutting the joints for his 12×16 timber frame cabin. “This video cover the first notching of the 12″ sill timber. This video series will give you the knowledge needed to build an survival cabin. Have you always wanted a small cabin in […]

DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 2

Cody (Wranglerstar) continues to work on his 12×16 timber frame tiny house in part 2 of this video series. See part one.

DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 1

I’ve been following Cody (Wranglerstar) for quite some time on YouTube. He’s been busy setting up a homestead in Oregon and has been posting a lot of useful hands-on videos along the way. In this video series he’ll be showing us how to build a 12×16 timber frame cabin from lumber milled on-site. “Where would […]

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