The Airstream Life in a Berkeley Garden

First came the idea. Then came the late nights of Craigslist searching. And then it happened quickly: a trip to a derelict horse ranch in the Salinas Valley, an exchange of cash in an old barn, and a harrowing towing adventure up Highway 101 netted me my current abode—a 1959 Airstream travel trailer.

The Airstream is tucked into the back garden of a Berkeley co-op. Having a garden at my footsteps and chickens just over the fence make it feel peaceful and private. – Dwell

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Photos by Mark Compton.

Julie’s Unbelievable Airstream Trailer, Shed and Art Studio

After living abroad in a handful of European locales as well as several cities in Japan, Julie saw how much of the rest of the world lives. Upon returning to the States, she moved to San Francisco and was an active member of an artist collective. About four years ago, the opportunity to move Southwards to a cherimoya, avocado and guava farm in Carpinteria, California presented itself and she went with the flow.” – Apartment Therapy

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Bowlus Road Chief

The Bowlus Road Chief was originally designed by Hawley Bowlus. Hawley was an aircraft and glider designer who worked on planes like the Spirit of St. Louis. Piloted by Charles Lindberg, this was the first airplane to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, which was made possible by crafting the lightest plane possible.

Hawley applied what he knew about ultralight aircraft design to travel trailers including work on the Airstream and his own Road Chief. Only 80 of his Road Chief travel trailers were made by Hawley beginning back in 1934. The Great Depression pushed Hawley back into aircraft design work.

Now this classic trailer is being brought back with modern enhancements. It’s a little longer, taller, and wider but still under 2000 pounds!

The only disadvantage is the price tag – $100,000. But before succumbing to sticker shock, take look at the galley kitchen and the other clever space & weight saving elements. This exclusive trailer design could be an inspiration to any tiny owner/builder.

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Transforming Airstream Kitchen Office

As you can see in the photo (below), the printer is hidden in a sliding drawer that’s part of the booth. An articulating arm allows the iMac to come forward when it’s time to work and recede back when it’s time to eat. It’s a very clever use of the space and something that isn’t restricted to trailers.” – Lifehacker

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Design and photo credit to Matthew Hoffman.

Rooftop Trailer Park

OK… this is just weird, but I like it. It’s a cluster of seven Airstream trailers on the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel in South African. While this kind of turns my stomach a little I must admit I like the idea of extending habitable space but using small modular units. I would just prefer to see it extending habitable space for people who need it and not more luxury rooms in an expensive hotel… but then I’m weird that way. Rooftop Trailer Park

Aluminum Bliss

Aluminum Bliss is the blog of Chris and Lani, a couple that has hit the road in an 23-foot Airstream CCD trailer. Chris has a job where he can work from virtually anywhere so one day he and Lani decided that selling the majority of their possessions and hitting the road was a good idea. You can follow their travels at Aluminum Bliss.