For Those Worried That Tiny Homes Reduce Neighborhood Real Estate Values… This One May Sell for $1 Million

This 420-square-foot studio in Manhattan can transform into five different rooms and is on the market for just under $1 million.” – CNN Money

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All Joking aside… $1 Million is an insane price for any tiny home; it kind of defeats the whole purpose of extreme downsizing.

On a positive note, this story also shows that the assumption that tiny homes bring down neighborhood home values may be wrong. First they are in a class by themselves and not comparable to larger homes – and efficient compact designs often take more thought and careful engineering to implement – hence the typically higher cost per square foot for tiny homes. But temper that with the knowledge that many tiny home owners find themselves living mortgage free faster than owners of normal homes.

The Honey House – A Mobile Burn Unit

An amazing group of nurses from Stony Brook Hospital on Long Island are banding together to help a boy with a rare disease. Inspired by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, Honey House will be a mobile burn unit cottage for an 8 year old suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, a blistering skin disorder.” – Apartment Therapy

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273 Square Foot Tiny Apartment for a Family

This 273ft2/22m2 apartment in Warsaw is home for a small family, and although space is scarce the apartment doesn’t feel cramped.  Storage and bed is combined in a big box and there is easy access to the loftbed (even for a dog) because there’s a proper staircase leading up to the bed. In the staircase are built-in drawers.” – Living in a shoebox

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Small Swedish Apartment Exudes Class & Charm

This 470 square foot apartment from Gothenburd, Sweden, dates back to the early 19th century. The interior has gone through a major overhaul to create a warm and welcoming home, while still maintaining it’s original character.Despite it’s relatively small size, the apartment feels spacious and airy thanks to its tall ceiling and open-plan living space. The only area that isn’t open to the rest of the home is the bathroom.” – Niall

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Student Constructs a 75 Square Foot Apartment

There’s a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and even a patio. Since 2000, China’s cities have expanded at an average rate of 10% annually. It is estimated that China’s urban population will increase by 400 million people by 2025, when its cities will house a combined population of over one billion. That limitations can actually boost creativity is shown by the Chinese architecture student who designed this 75 ft²  wooden house (23 m²)” – UA Magazine

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Minimalism in Madrid – A Compact Apartment

This compact apartment has been designed by Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos, and aims to take advantage of the limited space by incorporating as many multifunctional living areas as possible. The majority of the functional spaces (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and closets) are contained towards the front end, freeing up the rest of the home for the less permanent areas (dining room, living room etc).” – Niall

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270 Square Foot Modern Apartment

Tiny houses tend to be simple, minimal, light-colored boxes of space. Architect Alan Chu has taken a different turn with small home design, and focused on just two main design elements to make a 270 square foot residence feel large, dramatic, and modern.” – Apartment Therapy

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Turning a Garage into an Apartment

We replaced the driveway with a patio and garden so our home is now essentially a duplex, with two self contained units. We rent out the main house and were able to save enough money in our micro-home to allow us to spend 6 months living in Italy this year. We’d like to credit our friend, Asmund Tweto who helped with the design and construction, and his wife Jenny Tweto who helped capture the small space through beautiful photographs.” – Naomi via Apartment Therapy.

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Designer Kitchen in a 500 Sq. Foot Apartment

“Since storage was key, we wanted to include as many cabinets as possible without sacrificing style. So why not utilize the height we gained by raising the ceiling and take the cabinets all the way up. In order to make the kitchen look bigger and brighter, we went for white high-gloss cabinet doors with accents of milky-white glass doors to add some character, both from IKEA.” – TheDesignerPad