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Release Your Inner Surfer – Tiny House Design

Here’s a bit more about the Anchor Bay… I’ve been wanting to draw a tiny house with a shed roof that actually took advantage of the shape to make the house more aerodynamic. The house is still very tall, so no where near as aerodynamic as an Airstream trailer, but Airstreams also don’t have massive […]

Small Surfers Cabin in Chile

Set on a hillside in Navidad, Chile, this small cabin boasts amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Dubbed the “2 Hermanos Cabin”, the building was designed by WMR Arquitectos on the behalf of two brothers who wanted an affordable surfing retreat close to the ocean.” – Humble Homes Read the whole story and see more at Humble […]

These Beach Pods Would Make Great Tiny Beach Houses!

The common areas and homogeneous facilities along the coast are the starting point for the design of new elements to furnish the beaches and provide first aid, washrooms, washroom and dressing room for the disabled, beverages and ice cream kiosk, waste and recycling containers, information booth and police.” – ArchDaily These would make very cool tiny […]

Little Secret Tiny Beach House

The front porch and railing help disguise the tongue of the trailer and has a bahama shutter to help give the porch a little shade.” – Signatour Tiny Houses See more of this Beach Tiny House For more visit the Signatour Tiny Houses website and Facebook page

Scale Beach House

Great compact design in this detailed model. That’s right it’s a tiny 1:12 scale model of a beach house and includes the interior furnishings. Love the design and thought it might inspire others to build a full scale version. Here’s a little one room beach house, inspired by a colorful reed placemat. The house is up […]

Tiny Historic Beach House

One of my long time readers, Dav, passed a link to this photo to me the other day. It’s great to see these tiny historic beach houses photographed in Ostend, Belgium from about 100 years ago. Great find again Dav! Tiny Historic Beach House Photo credit Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

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