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The Couple Who Lives in The “Tipi” A-frame

This is our small house near the city of Leuven in Belgium, we call it ‘The Tipi’. We built it temporarily, until we save enough money to built our definitive house… The city allows us to live like this for 5 years. We would recommend this to everyone.” – Inne Van Engeland via Small House […]

Tiny Historic Beach House

One of my long time readers, Dav, passed a link to this photo to me the other day. It’s great to see these tiny historic beach houses photographed in Ostend, Belgium from about 100 years ago. Great find again Dav! Tiny Historic Beach House Photo credit Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Four Room House in Belgium

I don’t normally cover urban tiny houses but this one takes a very unusual approach to making the most of a tight space. The house has four rooms, one on each level. Level one is a workspace. Level two is a kitchen/dining room. Level three is a living room and on top is a bedroom […]

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