Ben’s Tiny Home

The entire house is less than half the size of a standard two-car garage. (According to Google, most garages are 20 feet by 20 feet. Hurst’s home is 8-by-24 feet.)

Across the front is a covered porch, with two large screened doors. Step inside, and you’re standing in the living room, a spacious-feeling spot, thanks to the 10-foot ceilings. Decorative moldings and oak floors (found for free on Craigslist) add to the cozy feel.” –

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Andrew Explains Passive Solar Tiny House Basics

I was recently challenged by one of the students in theSmall Home. Big Life. e-Cours(E) to talk more about passive solar opportunities in the small house/tiny house community. My initial response was that it was not in the course outline (for good reason, mind you) and that that was a huge challenge considering all of the layers of passive energy. After thinking about it some and even losing a little sleep over it I realized that the concept itself wasn’t all that hard and that some may want to know more about it or how to find out more about it.

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Catch a tiny house construction project early.

“I left off last time with finishing up the front porch. Now I got the roof and the siding on. It took almost the whole month of July to get that done. We have had so much rain that I couldnt catch a break in the weather half the time. But alas I got it done…well almost.”

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