Got Laid Off? Build a Bus-Based Tiny House!

Jordan & Kaylee built a bus-based tiny house in two months. Jordan was laid-off in May, and now on August 1st, they are hitting the road on their next life adventure.

The did the conversion themselves, starting with removing all the moldy old floors and odd bits and pieces. They didn’t have a lot of building experience, but did a nice job making the old bus look like a home.

They’ve posted their work so far on YouTube and will be posting regular updates while traveling. Follow The Nomadic Movement on Youtube and Instagram.

Next stop – Niagara Falls!

Jordan working on the van, above and below.

Simple solar system.

Kaylee cooking healthy food in the bus.

Don’t forget to follow The Nomadic Movement on Youtube and Instagram.

One of a Kind School Bus Conversion

This 1959 Chevrolet Viking School Bus’s restoration was spearheaded by Will Winkelman of Winkelman Architecture. It can be used as a camper, transport 12 people, sleep 4, and be used as a guest room at his home in Portland, Maine.

The restoration required lifting the body off the frame and fabricating some replacement parts. While it may look like a groovy old school bus, a lot of time and effort has gone into this restoration. Photos by Winkelman Architecture.



Peacemaker Bus

The Peacemaker, originally named Oseh Shalom (Hebrew עוֹשֶׂה שָׁלוֹם “peacemaker”), was conceived in 1987 as an outreach to the Grateful Dead concertgoers: “In 1987, a young man named Daniel in one of our communities began to talk about the Grateful Dead scene and how he felt that there were many there who were searching for life…” – Wikipedia

Read more about the Peacemaker (bus) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Photo by J

Short BUS Retro

Comprehensive restoration of a 1959 Chevrolet Viking short bus. Designed to safely travel 12 passengers and driver on the road, it converts to guest quarters for two as two single beds or joined in the center as a queen. Complete with plumbing (toilet and sink) and power (120v and 12v).”

See more at Winkelman Architecture

Two Crafty Ladies Call an Abandoned Bus Home

“The Country of Israel has been called the Start Up Nation, mostly because of the high tech innovation that is produced there but also for the ingenuity of its citizens. Two women got so sick of paying outrageously high rents, that they decided a better way to go would be to buy and renovate an old, abandoned city bus. There was no word regarding how much the bus was purchased for, nor the investment amount in renovations but the transformation is pretty remarkable.” – Two Crafty Ladies Call an Abandoned Bus Home.

Bus Living

A peek inside bus living.

“After buying a used school bus for $3000, Richard and Rachel drafted autoCAD plans and began to design every detail of their new home, something that was important in their decision not to simply buy a used RV or mobile home (which they view as flimsier than a steel-framed bus).

…The conversion has cost them about $12,000 so far, including the price of the bus so the $1200 solar fridge and similarly-priced solar-powered composting toilet were big decisions, but necessary to maintain their off-grid lifestyle.”

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