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Tiny Houses are Not a New Idea – Here’s an Ancient Shepherd Shelter in Italy

Ancient shepherd shelter in Val Brembana, Bergamo, Italy. ” – CabinPorn.com via Ancient shepherd shelter in Val Brembana, Bergamo. Photo by Carlo Catellani.

Got Rocks? Build a Tiny House

A toue (shepherd’s shelter) in the Pyrénées.” – Cabin Porn via A toue (shepherd’s shelter) in the Pyrénées

Small Home in Sweden

Hand-built house in Tjärnskogen, Bohuslän, Sweden. Submitted (to Cabin Porn) by builder Moa Sandblad.” – Cabin Porn via Hand-built house

The Company House – Restored 1800’s Cabin in Atlanta, Idaho

Built in the late 1800’s, it’s one of many historic cabins used to house students at The Atlanta School, which offers workshops in small-scale architecture and historical restoration. ” – Cabin Porn via The Company House in Atlanta, Idaho. Photo submitted to Cabin Porn by Rachel Reichert.

Cabin Near Tintholmen, Faroe Islands

Cabin near Tintholmen, Faroe Islands.” – Cabin Porn I wish I knew more about it. Love the dark siding, simple shape, and ocean view!

Mountain Hut

In the U.S and Canada, mountain huts were constructed long ago by herders, miners and the forest services.” – Cabin Porn Read and see more mountain huts. Also see huts.org.

Mountaintop Cabin in Hallingskarvet, Norway

Mountaintop cabin built by Arne Næss in 1942 in Hallingskarvet, Norway. ” – Cabin Porn™ via Mountaintop cabin built by Arne Næss in 1942….

Borgen Aftonfrid – built by John A Ekström

“Borgen Aftonfrid” (Rough translation is Castle of Evening Peace) in Sjölanda, Sweden. This house whas built by John A Ekström by and by as he collected stones during walks in the forest. He longed for a peacful place to write his poems about nature.” – Helen Niklasson via Cabin Porn™ See more huts and cabins at Cabin Porn™

The Holy Austin Rock Houses at Kinver Edge

Occupied until the 1950s and thought by many to be the inspiration for J. R. R. Tolkien’s hobbit holes, the quarters of Holy Austin Rock are carved directly into the sandstone cliff, with the oldest chambers dating back to the arrival of Christianity in England around 700 AD.” – Cabin Porn via: The Holy Austin Rock Houses […]

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