Charred Cabin in the Mountains north of Santiago, Chile

Located a couple hours drive into the mountains north of Santiago, Chile, “Charred Cabin” is an appealingly simple vacation retreat. Working with a client budget of just $15,000, studio DRAA had to keep the cabin small and limit it to just the essentials, “a place to eat, sleep and read for two” as the architect put it.” – Small House Bliss

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Small Surfers Cabin in Chile

Set on a hillside in Navidad, Chile, this small cabin boasts amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Dubbed the “2 Hermanos Cabin”, the building was designed by WMR Arquitectos on the behalf of two brothers who wanted an affordable surfing retreat close to the ocean.” – Humble Homes

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20-Foot Shipping Container Retreat in Chile

Container; reconditioned container was coated on the outside with rusted steel plates (steel cut) and inside (walls and ceilings) with slotted MDF boards and painted white. hosts inside bathroom and kitchen.” – Plataforma Arquitectura (translation by Google)

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Winter Cabin by MC2 Arquitectos

This small winter cabin is set among the Araucarias and Oak trees of a forest in the ski resort of Corralco, Chile. The cabin is just 48 square meters (516 square feet) in size, and is intended to be used not only as a winter retreat but also as place for observing nature.” – Humble Homes

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280 Square Foot Guest House in Chile

For the walls, bales of straw were in use stuccoes in mud, given its high thermal efficiency and for being an abundant material in the zone. These are protected from the rain by plates of transparent polycarbonate, which leaves in evidence the materiality and zinc waved in the parts top and low.” – ArchDaily

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