School of Life Success Story

Bryce Langston – from Living Big In A Tiny House – visits with Tamra, Jt, and their son Kalon Sage. They have land in Colorado and Texas and spend six months a year in Colorado and can spend the other six months exploring North America or living on their land in Texas.

Many communities have legal limits for how long you can live on your own land in a mobile dwelling like a tiny house on wheels, travel trailer, etc. In this particular Colorado location six months is the limit. Since raw land is relatively inexpensive and their bus conversion is self-contained, they can simply afford to travel or spend half the year at their place in Texas.  This is an excellent option open to many tiny house on wheels owners.

Jt works from home in a small shed home office steps away from the bus. Tamra is currently busy as a full-time mom. This alternative lifestyle gives them time to be home with Kalon Sage and the mountain location gives them a great natural setting to raise their son together.

In the video below they report that their bus conversion cost them just under $20,000 – not including labor. In the construction they used a lot of up-cyced materials like cabinets & countertops from a kitchen remodel, wood framing, and interior sheathing.

Tamra wanted a large kitchen and Jt wanted a wood stove – so they built exactly what they wanted. The bathroom is split in two with the hall to the bedroom between the Nature’s Head composting toilet and stainless steel shower. The bedroom in the back has the same queen size bed they had in the 2,000 square foot home from which they downsized.

For more great tour videos like this subscribe to Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube. To learn more about Tamra & Jt’s story visit the School of Life website.

Dennis’ Tiny House on Wheels

Dennis had his 24-foot tiny house on wheels build by MitchCraft Tiny Homes in Fort Collins, Colorado. The structure is built with SIPs (structurally insulated panels).

SIPs are engineers panels that are typically built with custom dimensions for each project. Instead of framing the wall with 2x4s and plywood, the builder assembles the large panels and secures them together. In the case of a tiny house the floor, walls and roof can be made from SIPs.

This module form of construction can make a very sturdy and lightweight shell in a short amount of time. The cost may be higher than typical framing, but with the potential savings on labor it may actually end up being less expensive – depending on the project requirements.

Inside Dennis’ home you’ll find a full kitchen, living area, folding dining table, bathroom with composting toilet and stainless steel shower enclosure, two lofts, and stairs that double as storage.

On the exterior you’ll find wood siding and a corrugated steel roofing used as exterior wainscoting – which gives the house a nice horizontal banding effect. On top the house there’s a simple metal shed roof – ideal for adding headroom in the loft.

To learn more about this home’s builder visit MitchCraft Tiny Homes. Mitch runs a small company, but takes the time with each homeowner to design and build the house to their specifications and tastes. If you’re looking for a custom tiny home builder in Colorado, definitely check out this tiny home builder.

Freedom Yurt-Cabins

Solid walls, an integrated flooring system, real insulation, house windows, roundwood frame and rafters, and a wood ceiling with a tongue and groove look give the Yurt-Cabin a distinctive cabin feel. And it’s engineered for strength and longevity. And assembly is about as easy as it gets with the Yurt-Cabin’s built-in floor system and bolt-together design.” – Freedom Yurt-Cabins

Learn more about Freedom Yurt-Cabins

Giant Tiny House

For those who like the thought of living in a compact space but don’t want to get too cramped, the Custom 30 Foot House by Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses may be of interest. Built for a family of three, it boasts more space and home comforts than one might expect from a towable tiny dwelling, including a bath and shower, a dishwasher, and enough seating for up to six people.” – Gizmag

Read and see more of this Custom 30 Foot House at Gizmag. Photos by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses via Gizmag.

Tumbleweed Cypress 24 Tour

In the video Steve Weissmann from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company give us a tour of one of the larger tiny homes out there – at 172 square feet.

It’s 24-feet long, has a comfortable loft, space for a twin bed downstairs, functional kitchen, and is built on top of a custom 3-axle trailer. For those looking to buy and not build, Tumbleweeds can be financed too.

To learn more visit the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company website.

Notch Mountain Shelter, Colorado – A Tiny House on Top of The World

I start to settle into my bag when another wind gust shoots a stream of chilling air under the door… and I’m cold, but I know it’s 13,000+ thin, breathing is fine, bag will eventually warm to at least “survival” and given enough time even maybe “comfortable” and rest, however rudimentary will let my body recharge.” – TallGrass

via • Trip Report – Chapter 1: Noob Backdooring Holy Cross?

Trailers by Tiny Home Builders Now Available in Colorado

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new manufacturing facility in Colorado Springs Colorado that will speed up delivery times while reducing delivery expenses to the Midwest and Western United States. Up until now we have delivered over 100 trailers as far west as Nevada and as far north as Maine…” – Dan Louche at Tiny Home Builders