Got Tiny House? Enter The Tiny House of the Year Competition

Do you have a tiny house? Proud of what you’ve created? You should enter the 2018 Tiny House of the Year Competition.

Tiny House of the Year is a friendly competition between folks with tiny houses (homes under 500 square feet). It’s free to enter and while there are no cash prizes winners will receive a tiny 3D printed trophy. This year the trophies will be made in metal.

To enter, tiny home owners simply write-up their tiny house story and post photos and videos. Entries will be accepted through October 31, 2018.


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Starting on November 1, 2018, the public will be able to vote on their favorite tiny homes and tiny home features. Voting will end on December 17, 2018 and winners will be selected for Tiny House of the Year in 5 categories. The 5 categories are:

  • Best Front Door
  • Best Kitchen
  • Best Bathroom
  • Best Stairs
  • Best Use of Reclaimed Materials

The overall winner will be crowned Best Tiny House and honored as the overall winner of the competition. Winners in each category will also receive a Unique Tiny Trophy designed by tiny house designer, Michael Janzen.

Pictured here is the 2016 Winner, Ms. Gypsy Soul’s Urban Chic & Fabulous Tiny House.

Quick Report from the SMUD Tiny House Competition

I stopped by the one-day SMUD Tiny House Competition yesterday and was amazed at the huge crowds and long lines to view tiny home interiors.

Thinking it would be fun for my kids, I had brought them along so they could tour the tiny homes – but quickly decided to just take some quick exterior photos since my kids wouldn’t have the patience for the lines. So we got some ice cream for them, took a bunch of photos, grabbed as much info as possible, and made our way home.

It looked like a great collection of tiny houses… kudos to the schools and SMUD for making this happen!

I just wish they had made arrangements to have the houses on display for at least the entire weekend. This would have given the students’ hard work more exposure and more time to connect with the public.

Below are the 2016 SMUD Tiny House Competition Winners in each category and photos from the event. In the coming weeks I’ll report on each of the houses in detail.

Main Awards

  • Tiny House Competition: U.C. Santa Clara
  • Architecture: Laney College
  • Communications: U.C. Santa Clara
  • Home Life: U.C. Berkeley
  • Energy: U.C. Santa Clara

Additional Awards

  • Advanced Controls: C.S.U. Chico
  • Best Appetizer: C.S.U. Fresno
  • Best Bathroom: C.S.U. Sacramento
  • Best Craftsmanship: U.C. Berkeley
  • Best Curb Appeal: College of the Sequoias
  • Best Daylighting: U.C. Santa Clara
  • Best Design: Laney College
  • Best Flooring: C.S.U. Chico
  • Best Furnishings: Laney College
  • Best Home Technology: C.S.U Chico
  • Best Integrated Lighting: U.C. Santa Clara
  • Best Interior Design: U.C. Santa Clara
  • Best Kitchen Design: U.C. Santa Clara
  • Best Landscaping: Laney College
  • Best Program: U.C. Santa Clara
  • Best Sleeping Area: Cosumnes River College
  • SMUD Excellence Award: Cosumnes River College
  • Sold!: College of the Sequoias
  • Sustainability: U.C. Berkeley
  • Best Tour: U.C. Santa Clara
  • Best Video: Laney Collegee
  • Water Conservation: U.C. Berkeley

U.C. Santa Clara

Laney College

U.C. Berkeley

C.S.U. Chico

C.S.U. Fresno

C.S.U. Sacramento

College of the Sequoias

Cosumnes River College

San Jose City College

US Santa Cruz and Cabrillo College

It appeared only 9 of the 10 entries were present. I did not see the entry from US Santa Cruz and Cabrillo College – only this lonely tent.


Review the Entries to the Tiny House Contest 2014 at Simple Solar Homesteading

LaMar Alexander at Simple Solar Homesteading recently hosted a tiny house design contest and the entries are now available to review. Pictured here is the entry from Ryerson University, the “µ-haus” Micro-House. See all the entries to the Tiny House Contest 2014 at Simple Solar Homesteading.

Below are direct links to the house designs – in the order they were submitted:

  • Robert Merchel House For Cooks and Artists
  • Ryerson University “µ-haus” Micro-House
  • Theodore Ash 10×12 Barn Style Convertable
  • Robyn McKinney Mobile House Design
  • Jim Triplett Aluminum Cargo Container House
  • Jordan Spuck 2532 House
  • Dennis Ringler Tiny Cob House
  • Tyler Rodgers Ty-ny House
  • Bomun Bock-Chung Tiny Solar Tiny House
  • Lauren O’Mally Living Tiny Home
  • CJ’s Tiny Cabin On Wheels
  • Craig Williams House On Wheels
  • Jonathan Filius 14×24 Micro house
  • Evan Vause Tiny Modern House
  • Carl Tourtellotte 8×20 House-On-Wheels
  • Nicole Mason House-On-Wheels
  • Misty Robinson House-On-Wheels
  • Jonathan Marcoux Squared Eco House
  • Joshua Dolan Micro-Max Tire wall House
  • Kris Xaphakdy Steel Tube House
  • Adam Vanderbur 28×14 House
  • Misty Robinson’s Gypsy Wagon Houseboat
  • Christopher O’Baugh Arch Roofed Tiny House
  • Kesler Butler’s Off-Grid Solar House 10ft by 30ft.
  • Dennis Ringler 12×16 Off-Grid House
  • Misty Robinson’s 16×25 Off-Grid House
  • David H. 16×25 Barn Roof Cabin
  • Ammie V. 14×28 Off-Grid house
  • Adam Vanderbur House On Wheels
  • Adam’s 10×14 Cabin With Solar Porch
  • Jayne Henderson 192sqft Tiny Off Grid House Design

Shed of the Year 2010 – Joseph Sandy’s Entry

One of my long time readers, Joseph Sandy, is one of the contenders in the Shed of the Year competition. Here’s what Joseph says about his shed:

Originally designed for storage, it now also serves as a quiet retreat from the main house. It features rain-screen siding of reclaimed redwood fencing. A polycarbonate clerestory provides ample light for any use. The interior walls are plywood and pegboard to provide a finished appearance with flexible use/storage options.

Vote for Joseph Sandy’s Shed

Porch Shed Competition

The entry deadline has passed and the competition is on at the Secrets of Shed Building. Be sure to leave comments at the Secrets of Shed Building website on the designs you like most since reader comments count in the jury process. Pictured here is my entry, the Glass Porch Shed. Below is my walk-through video.

Porch Shed Competition (be sure to scroll down for the entries)