Off Grid Air Head Unboxing

Here’s an unboxing of a composting toilet by an fellow that’s currently building his own tiny home. The specific unit is an Air Head Composting Toilet – commonly used on boats and RVs.

It’s a simple stand-alone unit that features a clever method for separating liquids from solids, which is done to keep odor down and to promote the composting process. The addition of a ventilation fan also helps the solids dry-out and break-down. This is definitely a step up from a common sawdust toilet.

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A Peek Inside Tiny House Magazine Issue 19

Below is a peek inside issue 19 of Tiny House Magazine – a regular publication from the folks at Tiny House Blog.

The stock tank, normally used to feed or water cattle, horses, and other large stock animals, has shown up in the interior design magazines as the shabby chic version of a bathtub” – Christina Nellemann

In this month’s issue of Tiny House Magazine, I want to share with you the secrets I’ve learned from using and maintaining a composting toilet.” – Logan Smith

When I made the decision to become a tiny houser, I really made the commitment… When you fully commit internally, you still have fears, they just don’t win the fight. I spent a lot of time thinking about, and feeling my way into what it would be like to own and live in a tiny house. I let my imagination lead the way, and you should too.” – Ryan Harris

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Tiny Cabins at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary

EcoCabins: sleeping for 3-5 people, solar lights, kitchenette with small refrigerator, electric hot water/tea kettle, and spring water, composting toilet, easy walk to facilities cabin with showers and full kitchens.” – Sacred Mountain Sanctuary

via Sacred Mountain Sanctuary – Retreats.

The Lovable Loo and other Alternative Toilets

I have twenty-five years of experience with alternative toilets, but have never looked seriously at the bucket and sawdust toilet as a viable alternative. In fact, re-reading Joe Jenkins’ Humanure Handbook after many years, I began to appreciate the logic and sophistication of this solution.” – Lloyd Alter for Treehugger

Continue reading about The hot poop on alternative toilets. Photo by Chris Tack

Zoey’s Tiny House Update

Zoey’s tiny house is virtually complete and looking comfy and lived-in with just a few small details left to work through like interior sheathing in the loft. One of her recent finishing touches was the addition of a Boilet 10 Standard composing toilet.

Take a look at Zoey’s Tiny House