$300 House Concept by Joseph Sandy

After learning about the cultural needs and expatiations of a housing in Haiti, we set to work in identifying a strategy to address the idea of creating a $300 house. The Haitians expressed the need not of extremely cheep housing but that of jobs. So how could our house design spur job creation. This along with getting local material costs led us to identifying an idea that we would only spend $300 on imported goods and then $1,700 on local goods and labor. The house ends up costing $2,000 but it can create jobs which was more important to this location.” – Joseph Sandy

via Joseph Sandy » $300 House Workshop.

Camping Trailer Design Concept

It is the thesis project, made ​​jointly with Michael Kozlowski. The trailer is designed for two people… Trailer by its own power, water tanks, sewage system enables trip to places where we do not have access to the everyday comforts… The interior is bright and clear, which expands the small interior.” – Lukasz Paszkowski (translation by Google)


Rock and Rollit

Several readers passed this onto me; it seems to be a very captivating idea. When I first spotted it I expected to see a HAL 9000 computer watching over the inhabitants because it’s so similar to basic structure of the living quarters of the spaceship Discovery in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

But no, this is a design project from students at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany. It’s a clever concept for getting more function from a small space, albeit a bit impractical for more than one occupant… and flush toilets.

Rock and Rollit