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This Tiny House Is like an Almond Joy – Chocolate on the Outside, Coconut & Almonds on the Inside

A 190 square feet tiny house on wheels in Norfolk, Connecticut. Learn more here.” – Tiny House Swoon See more of Jones’ Tiny House at Tiny House Swoon.

Connecticut Post & Beam

For the DIY individual, we have extensive plans and connectors available; you can either use milled lumber from your own land or purchase economically from a local sawmill. For one who doesn’t have the time required for a DIY project, you can purchase the kit with everything needed to construct a post and beam frame, using […]

The Beech Tree Cottages in Madison, Connecticut

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen shares some photos and information of a tiny place to stay in Madison, Connecticut called the The Beech Tree Cottages. “Cozy, fun, relaxing. and charming, this place seems to have it all. I salute the Talmadge family for keeping this 1930s-built seaside resort alive. I have not stayed there yet, but its […]

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