Nomad Living – Container Guest House

This bright orange guest house sits under a tree in the scenic Algarve region of southern Portugal. It is the first in what architect Arnold Aarssen of Studio ARTE envisions as a new line of dwellings built from repurposed shipping containers.” – Small House Bliss via Nomad Living, a container guest house

Container Home with a Green Roof in San Antonio

Set in San Antonio, this container home acts as a guest house to a larger residence. Designed by Poteet Architects, the container features a range of sustainable design strategies to reduce its environmental impact and energy consumption.The house is set upon a foundation made from re-purposed telephone poles. The exterior of the container has been …

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Savannah Container Home

Based in Miami and Brooklyn, PSP specializes in building structures made from shipping containers, each unique to its site and use, blending art and architecture to explore the boundaries of the traditional construction/building model.” – Price Street Projects See more at Tiny House Swoon…

Lakeside Container Retreat

A nice example of how a shipping container home can be enhanced to be much more than a metal box. Photographed by Logan MacDougall Pope. Read about this Lakeside Container Retreat at Jetson Green and Dezeen.

Shipping Container with Slide Outs

Slide outs are not a new idea but I’ve never seen them in a shipping container. This ‘Mobile Dwelling Unit’ (nicknamed MDU) takes a standard shipping container and breaks the mold by expanding the space using simple slide outs. Shipping Container with Slide Outs