Cottage in Rucar Romania

Another photo from those i’ve took on my trip to Rucar, Romania. Those places are so amazingly beatuiful and people live so simple lives. I’ve stayed there only for two days but there were moments when i had the feeling that time was standing still.” – ALP-Dreams Source: When things are simple. Photo by ALP-Dreams on deviantART.

Charming Shotgun Cottage in New Orleans

This tiny 1 bed/1 bath shotgun cottage was spotted on  Excellent example of this historic style of home with many modern improvements. “Two blocks from Magazine Street, restaurants, coffee houses, shops and much more. Convenient to all public transportation. “ See more of this Charming Shotgun Cottage/Uptown in New Orleans.

The Cultivating Contentment Challenge

Over the last few days the idea of being a tiny houser who lives in an ever commercialized and material world has been on my mind. This is because Steven Harrell wrote to me with the tidy heading “cultivating contentment” after he published my last article at Tiny House Listings.

Tiny Cottage in Key West

Photo by Alixcherry via Instagram This micro cottage is in Islamorada in the Keys in Florida. How would you like to stay in a tiny cottage like this? Even better, wouldn’t it be cool to own one? Even if it weren’t your only home.

Awesome Tiny House Cottage

This is a meticulously crafted tiny house on wheels that was built by a family of builders (2 brothers and a father). It was finished on June 7th 2012. The interior is approximately 136 square feet.