Mini Mobile Cottage Kitchen

I started on My Mini Mobile Cottage journey in earnest on the 15th of January 2011. Being the optimist I am, I   figured I would be living in the cottage by the end of summer. That is the summer of 2011. What an awesome learning experience this has been but I had no idea that I would be doing a blog post on the 11th of March 2012 stating that I had just finished the last major project on the Cottage.

Believe it, you too can do this. It took a community to build this cottage. This is not my project but a project that I drove and as I got committed to it, people came forth and joined the effort as they wanted to share the vision. Thank You to anyone of you who helped along the way.” – zboatman

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Pre-fab Modern Cottage

Pre-fab Cottage is a modern, modular pre-fabricated structure based on a 14 foot square module. The cottages are built using structural insulated panels for floor, walls and roof, creating an extremely energy efficient building envelope. The 14′ x 14′ cottage base module can be assembled in several combinations and is adaptable to many different site conditions aided by its unique precast concrete foundation system.” – Tiny House Swoon

See inside this pre-fab modern cottage…

Old Stone Barn Becomes Cottage

Nice example of a cottage made from a historic stone barn. This one is used as a vacation rental and sleeps two.

Situated only 9 miles from Drogheda, 45 minutes from Dublin City in a countryside setting with an ancient 13th century Abbey to the rear. This charming cosy barn conversion has an inviting woodburning stove, a loft style bedroom and a kitchen corner which has a hob for cooking…” – Imagine Ireland

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Bespoke Garden Annex

It measures 4 meters x 6 meters, has 2 loft areas with ladders and an off grid composting WC. The cabin is fully insulated with heat, light and power. The windows are double glazed and the roof is artificial slate to stay in keeping with the main house. A true retreat in the garden and a great place for teenagers to hang out.” – Tiny House Swoon

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Academic Village Cottage at The Seaside Institute

Placed on a temporary site in Seaside. One of the original MEMA cottages renovated and decorated to serve as a dorm for two students.

The Seaside Institute purchased 8 MEMA cottages to form an academic village on the Lyceum in Seaside.

Inside, the living room ceiling was raised to provide a feeling of spaciousness in this 450-square-foot dwelling.” – Seaside Institute

Photos by Shelly Swanger and Seaside Institute. See all the photos on Flickr.

Tiny Whimsical Two Story Cottage

In March 2012, I moved to a 100+ year old farmhouse in southwest Michigan on 10 acres, my dream come true, sweeter still because it had a tiny cottage on a wooded hill.

This fall, I weatherized the cottage, added a small deck, an outhouse, painted it inside, furnished it, creating a writer’s retreat. With its quirky angles and mismatched windows, it’s been likened to a place from a Tim Burton movie, or from Dr. Seuss. No two windows match, each are at a different height. It’s approximately 120 sq. feet on the main floor, 80 on the upper floor.” – Zinta

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The Cultivating Contentment Challenge

Over the last few days the idea of being a tiny houser who lives in an ever commercialized and material world has been on my mind. This is because Steven Harrell wrote to me with the tidy heading “cultivating contentment” after he published my last article at Tiny House Listings.