Small Space Living in a Cube

Tiny box living inside a larger space. It’s kind of like thinking of a whole tiny house as built-in furniture. Cool.

“san francisco-based architecture, interior design and feng shui firm spaceflavor developed ‘cube’ –  a compact mobile dwelling that cohesively combines the living and working requirements of its client, renowned feng shui practioner liu ming.”

via spaceflavor architecture: small space living in a cube.

Solar-Powered Green Microhouse

I really love cube shaped tiny houses as long as they have some kind of pitched roof. I realize that technically the addition of a pitched roof means they are not really cube shaped but for me pitched roofs are a requirement.

So when I saw this solar cube I was really impressed. I suspect the roof of the cube itself is weather-proofed but the second pitched roof is doing most of the work, both shading the house from the sun and keeping most of the rain off the house.

Solar-Powered Green Microhouse