Which Curved Roof Appeals to You Most?

Here are four examples of tiny houses with curved roofs – but all approach the curve from a slightly different direction.

  • The snow-bound tiny house near Lake Tahoe has a more traditional arched roof, like a shepherd’s hut.
  • The modern Leaf House has a curve that goes from front to back making it more aerodynamic and voluminous on the inside.
  • The prefab cabin kit has a curved roof reminiscent of a gothic arch, providing strength and low weight.
  • The barrel top wagon has a roof that curves from front-to-back AND left-to-right.

Which curve appeals to you most and why? Please comment below.

Another Stunning Tiny Outbuilding from Red River Restorations

This 140 sq/ft building was designed to match the main house. It features a curved roof, hand made sash weighted windows with wavey glass, wood screens, an entry door to match the main door, crosses and brackets that match the original design, wood and stucco siding, hand crafted louvers, stone skirting around the pier and beam foundation.” – Red River Restorations

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