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The Hobbit Home of Dan Price

This might be one of the smallest underground homes conceived and constructed. As you can see it fits him quite nicely and he’s written a ebook about it too. See and read more about Dan and his tiny home at Moonlight Chronicles!

Dan Price and his Hobbit Hole Home

Dan Price really defines success story and is an inspiration for many. His home is a tiny hobbit hole he’s built from recycled materials and natural materials from the two acre property he leases for $100 a year. “When you hear the word Hobbit, immediately you think small, but I didn’t think this small.  The Hobbit Hole […]

New Book by Dan Price – My Tiny House

A new ebook by Dan Price is now available. “After 15 years of living in tiny shelters, itinerant artist Dan Price settled into an 80 square foot underground room with one skylight and one small door.” Learn more at Moonlight Chronicles!

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