252 Square Foot Tiny House in Massachusetts

Chris’ home was originally built from “Bodega” plans from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, but he then tweaked the plans to fit his needs and style a little, and in some cases, to conform to a few more local codes. In the end run, it worked out great, and his place is legit and legal ad a full time tiny home.” – Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen

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The 227 House

This 227 Square Foot Modern House, located in Western Massachusetts was something I had a chance to visit just the other weekend, and was it ever filled with some great design ideas! I have a TON of photos coming soon, AND a video tour (two actually), but wanted to share with you this simple tiny house kitchen (among a few other shots of this tiny house’s interior)…” – Deek

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Three Micro Cottages on a Mountain in New England

Dustin and I recently embarked on a photo and video road trip through New England. Our VERY FIRST stop, up in South Londonderry, VT was Domenic Mangano’s “Jamaica Cottage Shop”, and man oh man, was his spread impressive- something like 20+ sheds, cottages, cabins, and more.” – Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

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Deek Tours a Micro Manhattan Home

 I shot this tour a ways back, and a few others, for HGTV’s series “Extreme Small Spaces”. While some of the places we toured have been featured, as video walk throughs before, I hadn’t seen this one covered, well, until we launched this video a ways back. Tim Seggerman’s the idea-guy behind this remodel, and he did a fantastic job. The guy is also a wealth of architectural knowledge- and one of the few very friendly, outgoing, architects I got to meet on this road trip…” -Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen

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A Recycled Material WILD WALL

This wall was ENTIRELY made from free, found, and salvaged material. EVEN the cedar 2by4 studs on the back wall were rescued from a mill that was going to toss them. The idea with our “Operation: Use It Up!” side mission was to take everyday scraps and junk, and see what could be made with them= saw horses, pallet chairs, modern lighting, tables, and more- we tackled quite a bit! What a fun weekend!” – Deek

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Deek’s NEW Wildly-Colorful Boston Tree House/Cabin- AND TWO MORE!

…Here’s a sneak peak on the tree house I just built for a client- we shot a full video on this as well- showing how I used a ton of recycled and free materials in the build…. This is another micro structure that will be featured in the wild array of tiny houses, cabins, tree houses, and forts in my new in-the-works book. LOTS of photos, and FULL PLAN SETS in this next one- from some great guest designers too!” – Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen

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Deek’s $300 Backwoods Reading Room in Vermont

Here’s a final update on photos I took (with my new Panasonic Lumix DMC G6- which I LOVE!) of my little cabin in Vermont- one that was framed as part of 2012’s “Tiny House Summer Camp” up in the woods of the Northeast Kingdom. We will have another workshop like this, off grid, in the future.” – Deek

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Tumbleweed Tiny House Company- Boulder, CO Workshop Recap (Before The Storm)

First off, having left Boulder, Colorado a mere two days before the flooding and devastation began, its been sad to hear of how bad things have been out there and I hope all are well and safe in the wake of all the mayhem that region has been dealing with. Just the other weekend I taught a tiny house building/design workshop for Tumbleweed, and had an absolute great time out there, in a town, and area, that is absolutely beautiful- this made the recent news of the floods all that more vivid and shocking…” – Deek

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