Sneak Peek of The Cub Micro Cabin

I just love this simple shot I took of the interior of my tiny, tiny, tiny house on wheels- well, more like a camper or cabin for now- “The Cub”. It will have another bed/bench/storage combo set-up down below soon, a small bathroom/toilet area on the tongue of the trailer, and a few other add-ons, like a “pet-peek” domed window in the sleep bunk space. More to come! …Continues

Build an outbuilding or playhouse from FREE DOORS- plans HERE too….

ANYWAY, I LOVE THIS! I have a plan in my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” that is semi-similar in approach, in that it uses MANY free and recycled doors as its wall panels, but this a great twist, and something I’ve contemplated before as well. I love A-frames, and love freebie construction materials, so this one’s a no brainer. I also really dig the vibrant colors that EARTHSCAPE (a natural building firm from Toronto) employed.” –Deek

Deek & Kent Visit with Lloyd Kahn

 I had a chance to hang with two great guys the other weekend- Lloyd Kahn (from Shelter Publications- Author of “Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter”, and Kent Griswold, of I had hung/met with both of these guys separately before, so it was great to catch up and “talk shop”. Inside the offices of “Shelter Publications”- home-run, on a homestead, by home-addict, Lloyd Kahn.” – Deek

Loft and Bunk Beds in a Tiny Cabin/House

Here’s a great shot from ONE of MANY cabins that the Blue Moon Rising tiny house compound (a retreat and educational center) has on its property. You can rent these out to get a taste for tiny house and cabin living- perhaps to see if its right for you/feasible. I really think this is a GREAT approach: Stay a night at a tiny cabin or rental listing, or two/three, and get a feel for what works, and what doesn’t, first hand. I’ve stayed in several listed micro-properties, and its money well spent!
Anyhow, from this one single photo, here’s what I really like with this particular set-up/design.

Salvaging For Your Cabin/Tiny House/Self-Built Home…..

Today’s post/discussion is on hardware, most specifically door knobs.

I just recently flew out to San Francisco for a guest speaking gig at a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop to talk about recycled-material building- a means to keep a vast array of material out of landfills, and a vast array of cash IN your wallet.

It makes perfect sense to me, yet time and time again I find people giving this notion the “its not worth my time” shrug off. Well, that’s fine by me, as it leaves more to salvage for the rest of us I suppose. No, really though, you should rethink this and give it a shot! Hear me out….

A Light-up Monster/Cyclops Outhouse or Shed??

I’m bringing this one back, as I look through my saved sketches from my oooooold school book/zine titled “Quick Camps And Leg Cramps”- two versions of this mini book were self-released long ago (only about 200 copies in all), and are now out of print. I WILL re-release the book at some point- probably in PDF form- and an enhanced version of it, perhaps one with a full-out, step by step plan of another new, unseen tiny house or micro-structure.