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I’ve been long intending to post this list, as workshop attendees for both the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Workshops I host, AND my own workshops (I have another in late October in New England- details to come- or email me at kidcedar at gmail.com) ask, and re-ask, about this list (most just forgetting to jot […]

Deek, Joe Coover, and Austin Hay- tiny house geeks "In A VW Van Down By The River!"

The First Tumbleweed Tiny House at the November 2-4 Relaxshacks.com Workshop

A new highlight has been added to Deek’s next workshop. “In addition to all the speakers, the collective building project, the camping, the tiny cabin touring, AND MORE- on Sunday, as the workshop’s third day wraps up, we’ll all head out to visit THE FIRST-BUILT TUMBLEWEED TINY HOUSE in Boston….which you’ll love. This is the […]

Tiny House Building Workshop Announced

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen is doing another workshop! “YES, we’re having a THIRD “Tiny House/Building Workshop”, this time in Massachusetts, 10 miles outside Boston- with possible camping options available, AND your chance to stay in a few of my own micro cabins and shelters- ones that have been featured in the NY Times, Boston Globe, PBS, […]

A Camouflaged Tiny House/Garden Office

Worried about building inspectors? Hide your house in the bushes! (just kidding – well sort of) “Back on “hiding one’s tiny house”, this approach might come in handy when you’re trying to evade building inspectors, snooping neighbors, and those who might blow the whistle on your simple, little, unpermitted, hut- not that I….ahem….would recommend such […]

Tiny House on NPR

Last weekend a story came out on NPR about the tiny house movement and featured Peter King and my friend Derek “Deek” Diedricksen. Be sure to take a listen if you missed it. Below is the video of Peter King referenced in the NPR Story. Tiny Houses on NPR

Tiny Yellow House – Episode 3

Derek Diedricksen has released the newest episode of the Tiny Yellow House. This time the focus is on a little tiny house fun. For all of Derek’s antics follow him at RelaxShax. Tiny Yellow House – Episode 3

Tiny Yellow House – Episode 1

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is starting to put together a regular television-like online show focused on tiny houses. The first episode features his tiny Hickshaw. You can learn more about Deek and this house at his blog, RelaxShax.

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