Adam & Vanessa’s VanLife Experience

Van dwellers Adam & Vanessa visit with tiny house dwellers Derek & Hannah at their homestead in Saint David, Arizona and get the full van tour! Adam & Vanessa also share what they’ve learned so far living a full-time vanlife.

Adam & Vanessa built their van over 3 months and it cost about $28,000 US (2008 Sprinter van plus customizations). Inside they have a fully functional kitchen, bed, tons of storage, and a hidden composting toilet. They built all the cabinets themselves including the reclaimed maple countertops.

Image above and video below by Derek from DIY Homestead Projects. You can follow Adam & Vanessa’s VanLife adventure on the Create Wondr YouTube Channel and the Create Wondr website.

DIY LED Awning Lights

Derek and Hannah have a large awning/porch that’s about as big as their tiny house, and basically doubles their usable living space when the weather is nice. But until now the lighting out there has been a bit inadequate. In the video below, Derek from DIY Homestead Projects demonstrates in detail how he installed LED lighting in the awning. He worked as an electrician for several years – so he knows his stuff, making his DIY electrical videos awesome.

Derek has been super busy lately – finishing his new tiny house construction book and making more DIY videos. You can check all that out on his DIY Homestead Projects website. He also has tons of free how-to videos on his DIY Homestead Projects YouTube Channel.  Photo above via Derek’s video below.

Tiny House Plumbing at Life Inside a Box

Derek at Life Inside a Box has started plumbing their tiny house. He has experience as an electrician, but not a lot of experience with plumbing – so we get to watch and learn as he does. This is also an opportunity for us to see how a tiny house owner-builder can really accomplish seemingly difficult tasks – like plumbing a house.

Below are the last three videos on plumbing from the Life Inside a Box YouTube Channel. You can also follow them on the Life Inside a Box Blog. Once the rough plumbing work is done his next big task is wiring the house.

Tiny House Summer Building Camp Photos

Deek has begun posting photos and news of the summer camp workshop he hosted in Vermont. Looks like they all had a very productive time.

“Well, since I’m somewhat caught up on rest from five days in the backwoods of Vermont, and with four of those days being our “Tiny House Summer Camp”, I thought I’d share some photos with you.”

See more at Tiny House Summer Building Camp Photos- Part 1.