Designer Ryan Frank’s Off-Grid Tiny Home is Built like an Upside-Down Boat.

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Designer Ryan Frank wanted a semi-mobile home for a small plot in a “sensitive area”. He thought about yurts and domes, but settled for an open source design he found online” – Kirsten Dirksen of Fair Companies

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The house is built like a boat, just upside-down. The lightweight bow shaped frame is covered on the interior with wood boards. The exterior is a simple canvas cover like a yurt. The walls are insulated with sheep’s wool. This combination of materials makes for an extremely breathable house which keeps it dry and comfortable in the humid climate.

Vina’s Tiny House

My design has approximately 140 sf of living space (based on the trailer size, 20’ long x 8’ wide) and the structure will be self-sufficient. Using portable solar panels, my tiny house will be off the grid and will employ passive solar heating and cooling principles. The interior will have highly insulated walls and ceilings and heated with a propane gas fireplace. There will be a sleeping loft with a large skylight to let me view the moon and stars at night.” –  Sol Haus Design.

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Designer Kitchen in a 500 Sq. Foot Apartment

“Since storage was key, we wanted to include as many cabinets as possible without sacrificing style. So why not utilize the height we gained by raising the ceiling and take the cabinets all the way up. In order to make the kitchen look bigger and brighter, we went for white high-gloss cabinet doors with accents of milky-white glass doors to add some character, both from IKEA.” – TheDesignerPad



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“My husband Shawn, a designer-drafter for THE small HOUSE CATALOG, and I currently live in about 200 square feet. We designed and built the house ourselves to live in as a builder’s cottage while we decided what and whether to build on our lot. Far from being too cramped or oppressive, this has been the best experience! We’ve met just about all our neighbors (and maybe even our whole town). We never would have met so many people here otherwise. We’ve even become a landmark…”turn left just after that cute little orange house” is apparently a commonly offered direction!”

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