Billy Writes about How to Know If You Should Move into a Tiny House?

When I visited Esther in the tiny house she built with her husband Kenny, they seemed to have chosen their tiny home after carefully considering their priorities. They wanted to live in a really nice house, but the opportunity cost of a large house would have been the jobs they enjoy and the flexible schedules they value, and that was a cost they weren’t willing to pay.  Once they found out that tiny houses existed, they discovered an option that aligned with what was important to them: nice housing for a low cost.” – Billy Ulmer at Unlikely Lives

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Quality Over Quantity – Esther & Kenny Living Less is More

Many people feel instantly drawn to tiny houses, seeing freedom and simplicity. But meanwhile, material culture struggles to understand the appeal, because it assumes we all have the same priorities: financial success, and the freedom to buy anything we want.  Material culture scratches it’s head and asks, “Why choose less when you could choose more?”” – Unlikely Lives

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Kenny & Esther’s Tiny House Gets a Loft Ladder

For MONTHS now, without fail, every single person who walks into our house looks up at the loft and first asks, “Hey, how do you get up there?”  Then we point to the entirely inadequate four foot step ladder that wed hide in the bathroom during the day, and precariously use to slide up into the loft at night.  Well, no more!” – Kenny and Esther

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