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Arcadia Farm Cabin

We live west of the Blue Ridge in Virginia. My daughter and I built this cabin working when we could find time over a couple of years. We cut the trees off Purgatory Mt. and used mortar for the chinking. There’s a loft inside and now there’s a screen porch. We’ve hosted many great helpers […]

Cabin Project on Kickstarter

An ashram and farm is being built just outside New York by a group of young urban farmers. The plan is to offer workshops in the near future and they are raising money on Kickstarter to build a guest cabin for attendees. I wanted to share this because Kickstarter is a very interesting way to raise […]

Hidden Creek Farm

Dayle and Jeff continue to make good progress on their tiny shed at the Hidden Creek Farm. I’m sure as the weather begins to turn these folks are increasingly anxious to have their little place all buttoned up. Hidden Creek Farm

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