Chanchita Bus – Extreme Tiny Living Adventure in South America

I’ve shared this tiny living tour bus before, but now we have updated photos. It’s available for extreme sports, travelling, photography and videographers. It’s located in South America and offers endless possibilities for exploring.

Most of the spots and ski resorts in the Andes are not always easy to access – as opposed to Europe or North America. So if you want to explore these remote locations you’ll need the help of folks with the right kind of transportation, that are also well organized and know how to reach these remote destinations. This converted 1966 Mercedes-Benz school bus is one of those options.

Inside you’ll find it sleeps 5, and has on-board water, electricity, shower, toilet, and wood stove. The Chanchita bus is completely autonomous, giving you the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time – and a chance to always make the first tracks!

To learn more visit the Chanchita Bus website.

Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary – Two Years in the Making!

Several great documentaries on the Tiny House Movement have come out in recent years; but this one captures the story from the human side unlike I’ve ever seen. Filmmaker Jeremy Beasley captures the physical and emotional challenges faced by folks who take on their own tiny house endeavor while at the same time taking the shiny wrapping many tiny house stories come wrapped-in.

While the story unfolds the viewer is pushed & pulled emotionally, not sure where this story is headed. This not only makes the film riveting to watch, but encourages one to reflect on their own opinion and/or involvement with the Tiny House Movement – at least that was my experience. Without revealing any spoilers I can say I felt re-energized by this film and have begun to re-double my own involvement in the movement to think smaller.

Here’s what director Jeremy Beasley had to say about his film:

“I wasn’t aiming to glorify tiny house living. I explored what it is really like to build and live in a tiny house, sharing the subjects struggle and triumphs – and their real life journey through it.  I wanted the film to go deeper than trends or aesthetic. I wanted it to be courageous and vulnerable. To explore the real human aspect living tiny.”

Small is Beautiful – A Tiny House Documentary [TRAILER] from Jeremy Beasley on Vimeo.

How can people watch the film?

Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House documentary is available worldwide for download (which you get to keep forever) for $9.99 via

There is loads of bonus content in different packages there with hours of great info and footage that we couldn’t fit in the film as well. If you love tiny houses, the deluxe edition of the film is the best option.

Small is Beautiful is also available on iTunes, Vimeo on Demand, Amazon Instant and Google Play. You can also watch it on iTunes now.

Tiny House Expedition

Filmmaker duo, Alexis Stephens & Christian Parsons, are an ordinary couple embarking on an extraordinary expedition across the nation in a tiny house on wheels. The Plan: Build a tiny house on wheels & take it on a 12-18 month cross-country expedition. The Purpose: Document tiny house community building projects, across the nation and tell the story of how each came into being, the people behind them & how they are making a difference in their communities.” – Tiny House Expedition

Learn more about the project on the Tiny House Expedition blog.

Tiny House Expedition At Triad Home and Garden Show. from Tiny House Expediton on Vimeo.

A Peek at April Anson’s Tiny House from the Upcoming Film, Small is Beautiful

In 2012, April’s long standing interest in creating “new” from old turned into a full-time adventure when she, with the help of over 30 of her friends and family, built her tiny “reclaimed” house for her to live in for the length of her PhD studies in Literature and the Environment.” – Small is Beautiful

via The Tiny House Film – Small is Beautiful – By Jeremy Beasley | April’s Tiny House.

Andrew Interviews Tiny House Filmmakers

With TINY still winning over audiences and being featured at film festivals around the world the cineplex is once again being invaded by tiny houses. Small is Beautiful will be a feature-length documentary film exploring the tiny house movement. The movement runs much deeper than architectural trends and design aesthetic. The stories being uncovered reveal an organic response to the societal constraints keeping people from fulfilling their life’s potential…” – Andrew

Read Andrew’s interview with the filmmakers…