Dabney & Alan’s Summit Prairie Fire Lookout

Dylan Magaster visits Dabney & Alan’s tiny house fire lookout in Oregon. They had this 18’x18′ fire lookout built in 2009. It took about 90 days to build the shell, and another 90 days to finish the interior. Photos via the video by Dylan Magaster.

Dabney & Alan also rent out their tiny house fire lookout on Airbnb. So if you’d like to experience living off-grid and 40-feet up on a mountaintop yourself, check out their vacation rental listing on Airbnb.com. For all the details visit the Summit Prairie website. For more great tiny living tours like this subscribe to Dylan Magaster on YouTube.


Tiny House Living at 11,486 Feet – Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout

Squaw Mountain Lookout Tower was built in 1925 by the City and County of Denver and is among one of the highest lookout towers in the United States at 11, 486 feet elevation. This remarkable structure, “built of hand-hewn native stone which was carefully mortised,”  represents a time before modern fire detection methods. The cab measures 14 feet by 14 feet and is completely lined by windows on each side and surrounded by a catwalk, all of which sit on top of a one story stone base.” – HistoriCorps

Squaw Mountain is the first fire lookout tower available for rent near the Front Range. The fee is $80 per night plus a $9 reservation fee.” – Rocky Mountain Journal

Read more at Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout. Photo from Rocky Mountain Journal.

Fire Lookouts of Montana – Photographed by Tom Persinger

Work few can do but a lifestyle of solitude many admire and aspire to achieve.

“Working deep in the back country of Montana’s rugged Rocky Mountains, Pittsburgh-based photographer Tom Persinger photographed three men who spend their summers perched high atop peaks keeping watch over some of our nation’s most pristine places miles from the nearest road or modern convenience. Day and night they scan the horizon for curly gray wisps of smoke rising from the forest below: a tell tale sign of fire.”

via Encountering Space: The Fire Lookouts of Montana | Tom Persinger.