Prefab Flat Packed Tiny House 

Ideal starter-home for a first-time home owner or a simple holiday getaway. Sleeps two comfortably in the mezzanine bedroom. The downstairs task room can accommodate an occasional guest and doubles as an office or laundry room. A corridor between the front and back spaces houses a shower area and the outdoor deck encourages indoor-outdoor living.” – POD / idladla

Source: Plans — POD / idladla. Get all the specifications and details of this tiny house from South Africa.

Mini House 2.0

Mini house started as a simple but refined 15 square meters shed equipped as a weekend resort or guest house. Flat-pack delivery and quick set-up was key features. Now, the concept is growing and the houses will be available in several sizes with various floor plans. Apart from the original 15 square meteres Mini House we develop a number of prefabricated house models – Mini House 2.0 – with various layouts depending on user’s requirements for bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living space.” –

Read and see more of the Mini House 2.0 at Design by Jonas Wagell.

Flat Pack Home

This is a small flat pack house that can be assembled on site with an 11mm wrench. It can be put together by 2 men in 4 hours and flat-packed in 45 minutes. Great for minimalist living, temporary housing, hunting camp, out house, or retreat house. There are no building codes for this building because it is a portable/non-permanent structure.” – RevivalSupplyCo on Etsy

See more of this Flat Pack Home

House Arc

This is a wonderful new tiny house system by Joseph Bellomo. This prototype is 150 square feet, weights 3000 pounds, and can be flat packed in a package that measures only 4′ by 10′ by 3′.

House Arc