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Hideaway Table – Might Make a Fun DIY Project

This clever foldaway table from Ivy Design reminded me of a similar idea in James Hennesey and Victor Papanek’s classic 70s DIY furniture book Nomadic Furniture. Would be an easy remake.” – Sean via Table folds up into picture frame when not in use | MAKE. Photo by Ivy Design.

Foresters Cabin with Fold-Up Sides

“This cabin 24′ x 12′ has drop sides so it looks like a shed when closed up. The structure is a pegged green oak frame. It has a double bed alcove, small washroom/wc and kitchenette.” – Carpenter Oak.

Simple Wall-Mounted Desk

This is a nice example of a simple piece of wall-mounted multi-function furniture. It might make a nice short-stay work space but probably wouldn’t work well for an all-day desk job. Simple Wall-Mounted Desk

Fold-Up Table

This is an extremely simple idea done very well. It’s a fold-up table with flip out table legs that doubles as a picture frame. I can totally see how a set of fold-up benches could expand the functionality while not taking up any extra space. Fold-Up Table

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