Buying a Tiny House Trailer

Kacie, at Treading TINY, shares her experience with shopping for a flatbed trailer – her future tiny home’s foundation.

“Ah, the trailer. That darn trailer that is the base which you will build your tiny dream upon. It is what the concrete foundation of a “regular” house would be in the tiny house world, and possibly your most important purchase. And it’s a bitch. Yeah, I said it.”

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How to Build a Rubble Fill Foundation

An alternative to a ‘normal’ foundation.

“This post is the first in a series for a 80″ x 128″, dry stack cement block, solar heated, well house we are building and will highlight several out of the norm methods of building.

Here we will look at the rubble fill foundation in which the footer sits on top of a foundation of rubble and various size stone aggregate.”

via Alt. Build Blog: Building A Well House #1: Rubble Fill Foundation.