Whidbey Island Cottage – Photo by Jay Shafer

“Five years ago, I took a ferry out to Whidbey Island to see Ross Chapin’s 3rd Street Cottages. After being duly impressed by his ideas for smaller houses in pocket-neighborhoods, I followed his directions to a few other inspiring, little houses on the island. Here’s one, now.” – Jay Shafer at Four Lights Tiny Houses

Vardo at The Point Reyes Schoolhouse

I stumbled upon this very cool vardo at Point Reyes Schoolhouse Compound at the head of Tomales Bay. I thought my photo was pretty good, but I just found a better one of the same subject on their site along with a bunch of other great photos of the area. Apparently, you can rent it nightly.” – Jay Shafer at Four Lights Tiny Houses

Photo Credit: Point Reyes Schoolhouse Compound


Jay Shafer Reports on Tiny Mistake #3 – Wheel Well Design

If you intend to build a house on wheels, don’t cut some big hole in your wall’s waterproof membrane to stick a big ‘ole rain-catching, thermal-bridging wheel well in it. Be sure to leave enough room in your walls for no less than 3-Rs of insulation… continues…” – Jay Shafer at Four Lights Tiny Houses

Jay Shafer Reports on Tiny Mistake #1 – Bed Size

I made my bed wrong, and then I had to sleep in it. The list of folks who inspired me to start designing efficient, little houses includes the names of existentialists, like Thoreau and Emerson, and the names of architects and writers, like Les Walker and Witold Rybczynski. I recently added Barbara Mandrell to the list. Her 1978 rendition of Sleeping Single In a Double Bed is, after all, what first got me to thinking about how well unused space serves to remind us of our loneliness and the great abyss… continues…” – Jay Shafer

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Mary Emerson’s Honey House – A Portable Medical Treatment Unit for Young Brian Ilg

Mary Emerson and 4 other nurses are working on building the Honey House, a portable medical treatment unit for young Brian Ilg, an 8 year-old boy from Patchogue, NY who was born with Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, a painful, disfiguring skin disorder. You can like the project on their Facebook page here, watch a short interview with one of these dedicated nurses here, or help fund the project here.” – Jay Shafer

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Tiny Houses Seek Good Homes

We have a Gifford and an Anderjack in New York state and a Weller out here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  All three little houses are available with or without wheels, but they’re all sitting on chassis right now, ready to be towed off to some nice little backyard, lakeside parcel or tiny house village. They are shells, which means they can be finished off with whatever layout you want on the inside. In fact, as part of this one-time offer, Jay will custom design the interior of your house for you according to your needs.” – Four Lights

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