Friar Tuck’s v2.0: The Unveiling

Robb has completed his tiny house food truck. He reports is cost him about $2500.

“June 17th was almost 3 months ago and in that time, through many  ”4 t-shirt” days, hundreds of hours laboring under the Florida summer sun, I’m proud to unveil the new food truck.”

Read a recap of the construction process at Friar Tuck’s » Friar Tuck’s v2.0: The Unveiling.

Friar Tuck’s Mobile Small Business

Tiny mobile business – redefines small business. Love it!

“After 47 days, Friar Tuck’s 2.0 is complete. We’ve just got a few things to finish up a few things on the inside but the design and build out is complete.”

via Friar Tuck’s

Below is a photo of the tiny building almost complete.