225 Square Foot Cabin on the Mendocino Coast

My wife and I recently took the family (two kids + two dogs) on a short vacation to the Mendocino Coast. The house pictured here is limited to two people and doesn’t allow dogs, so we couldn’t stay in it this time; but the next time the two of us go alone, I want to stay in this tiny house!

“Remote, quiet cabin with loft bedroom and small, southern-exposure deck offer creative sanctuary. Efficient galley, wood stove, on-demand heater and hot water, handcrafted woodwork. Rustic, yet elegant. Dozens of beaches, trails, bikeways, rivers, state parks to explore. Main room is 225 sq ft with cathedral ceiling and a 120 sq ft loft.” – Karen

Read more and possibly book a stay: Handcrafted Hideaway Near Mendocino in Albion


Heirloom Custom Tiny Home

Tiny Heirloom (Instagram) specialises in custom luxury homes on wheels, handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. With a total of 10+ years of team experience, Heirloom concentrates on equipping each custom build with high quality materials and fixtures, to meet even the most high-end standard of luxury.” – Designcollector

See more of this Heirloom Custom Tiny Home at Designcollector.

Bungalito by John Hindman

A decade ago, John Hindman couldn’t buy the windows and doors needed to restore vintage homes; he had to make them. Today, his devotion to traditional methods and materials has culminated in an ingenious handcrafted bungalito.” – Julia K. Hanus for American Craft Council

Read and see more of Bungalito by John Hindman at the American Craft Council. I first saw this on Small & Tiny Home Ideas. Photos by Jody Horton. See more of John’s restoration work at Red River Restorations.