Hobbit Hole Cottage

  Love the little houses from Wooden Wonders. “Two-room hobbit hole home with screened back porch in Unity, Maine. Photos and build by Wooden Wonders.” See more of this Hobbit Hole Cottage | Tiny House Swoon.

Hobbit Holes

Small business that builds hobbit hole inspired houses. “Wooden Wonders custom designs and builds playhouses, garden sheds, and other outdoor structures to beautify your landscape and inspire imaginative work or play.” Read more about Hobbit Hole playhouses, sheds, cottages, saunas, more! – Home.

Zoe Outdoors

One of my readers, Rich, pointed this Oregon based tiny house builder out to me. From the look of things they offer a wide range of small cottages at reasonable prices. Many of the designs look like traditional cottages, not all look like this hobbit house inspired house. Thanks again Rich! Zoe Outdoors