190 Square Foot Grain Silo Tiny Home

Amazing grain silo home makes living simply look like living the high life.

Architect Christoph Kaiser turned a dismantled grain silo, purchased online from a Kansas farmer, into a cozy studio in Phoenix, Arizona. The 190-square-foot space is outfitted with a highly customized interior—only the Eames dining chairs were not made by Kaiser—that serves as a comfortable home for him and his wife.” – Dwell

Source: You Won’t Believe the Cozy Home Inside This Converted Grain Silo | Dwell

Gnome Tiny Home

We had two big trees growing too close to our home, so we had them cut down 5 years ago. What do you do with the stump? Make a Gnome home of course!” – Paul Elkins

via Gnome stump home – YouTube.

Micro Compact Home

Compact dimensions allow the micro home to nest amidst small trees and shrubs and integrate into any landscape. The m-ch is delivered by trailer or light crane and may be arranged as a single unit raised above the ground on a light aluminium frame and placed in a garden for private use, as a ‘guest home’ or ‘teen home’ or in the countryside for weekend leisure activities.” – micro compact home

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Thinking Tiny – Use Fewer Shipping Containers for Maximum Function

For example, a single 20′ container can be designed as a single unit, or pod, to include a single bedroom and bathroom while another 20′ container can be designed as the public portion of the home.  By putting these two containers together, you get a 1 bedroom, 1 bath home that can be built quickly and, depending on the quality of finishes, very afford-ably (think IKEA, Home Depot and Target).” – Bob Borson

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The Winckler – A Storybook Cottage by Lindcroft

The cottage, called Winckler, was built with local douglas fir, logged and cut with a portable sawmill. The roof is cedar shingles (shakes) hand split and steamed to make them supple enough to follow the curves of the roof.  The cedar door and windows, like the rest of the house, are all handmade.” – naturalhomes.org

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Flat Pack Home

This is a small flat pack house that can be assembled on site with an 11mm wrench. It can be put together by 2 men in 4 hours and flat-packed in 45 minutes. Great for minimalist living, temporary housing, hunting camp, out house, or retreat house. There are no building codes for this building because it is a portable/non-permanent structure.” – RevivalSupplyCo on Etsy

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