Tiny Houses for Humanity by Jay Sharer and River King

Tiny Houses for Humanity was originally formed as a result of the housing crisis in Sonoma County, California. Sonoma County has three times the national homeless rate.

The devastation caused by fires in Northern California made the need for adequate housing even more urgent. Tiny Houses for Humanity is dedicated to building tiny houses and providing shelters. Learn more about how you can help Tiny Houses for Humanity.

Tiny Homes by Elvis Summers, house the Homeless

Ever since Elvis Summers’s good deed – building a tiny house for his homeless neighbor Smokie – went viral, his life has been “nothing but chaos.” That one good deed has transformed into his life’s work virtually overnight. “[If] I have to do it singlehandedly ’til it’s done – building one tiny house at a time until there’s no more homelessness – then that’s what I’ll do,” Summers tells PEOPLE. Since raising over $80,000 on GoFundMe, the Los Angeles man has been working seven days a week to build a movement (and of course, more houses). On Monday, he’ll complete a slightly bigger tiny house for a homeless man named Lorenzo and his three dogs.” – People.com

Source: Los Angeles Man Who Built Tiny House for Homeless Neighbor Update

One of the Many Uses for Tiny Houses – Activists Work to End Homelessness

In what looks like an ordinary woodshop in Madison, Wisconsin, filled with table saws, screwdrivers and more screws and nails than you could count, transformative work is underway. This space, operated and owned by a nonprofit called Occupy Madison Incorporated, is part of a village of small houses built to order for – and by – homeless individuals in Wisconsin’s capital city.” – VOA News

Read about how Activists Work to End Homelessness One Tiny House at a Time. Photo by Noah Phillips for VOA.

“Tiny Home Pilot Program” Proposed in New Jersey Bill to Encourage Building Tiny Houses for the Poor and Homeless

The bill (S2571), which was just introduced last week and will be heard by the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee on Monday, would create a three-year “Tiny Home Pilot Program” in which the state would award grants to build housing developments consisting of homes with no more than 300 square feet of floor space.” – NJ.com

Read all about N.J. would encourage building tiny houses for the poor and homeless under bill. Tiny house pictured is from Jim and Melanie Tomkins of the Backyard Cottage Company. Photo by Steve Hockstein/for the Star-Ledger.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales Supports Tiny Homes for the Homeless

Portland is preparing to endorse the construction of communities of tiny houses on publicly owned land to get homeless people off the street and offer low-income residents safe, clean and cheap places to live. Josh Alpert, Mayor Charlie Hales director of strategic initiatives said the question isnt whether the so-called micro-communities will happen, but when.” – OregonLive.com

Continue reading about why Portland Mayor Charlie Hales is infatuated with the idea. Image by TECHDWELL.

Design Concept by DesignDevelop: Billboard Home for the Homeless

The Slovakian firm, DesignDevelop has created this tiny triangular home with a footprint of about 16.5 square meters (178 square feet). The house is intended to be built along highways or busy roads so that its side-walls can double as advertising space, effectively making it a live-in billboard.” – Humble Homes

I like the elevated triangular design. I hate the idea of advertising on the exterior. See more of this Billboard Home for the Homeless by DesignDevelop at Humble Homes.

Tiny Houses for Wisconsin Homeless

Her 99-square-foot home, which boasts flower window boxes, was built by volunteers of the Occupy Madison group, as part of about a half dozen similar projects around the United States, including in New York and Texas, to shelter the homeless.” – Reuters

via Tiny houses a way off the streets for Wisconsin homeless | Reuters. Learn more about these homes at Occupy Madison.

Bill Moyers Asks: Are Tiny Houses the Key to Fighting Homelessness?

…more than 125 volunteers showed up with tools in hand and built six new 16-by-20-foot houses for a group of formerly homeless men. It was the beginning of Second Wind Cottages, a tiny-house village for the chronically homeless…” – Bill Moyers.com

Continue reading… Are Tiny Houses the Key to Fighting Homelessness? Thanks to Paige, Ken, and Dawn for posting this story on our Facebook page!

Oakland Artist Crafts Homes for Those Who Have None

The homes, all built on wheels, range in size from small boxes that are just big enough to sleep in, to larger structures that you can stand up in. Despite the attention, Kloehn downplays what he’s doing, arguing that his structures are just an upgrade on the many lean-tos and improvised structures homeless people make for themselves.” – KQED

Read more about Oakland Artist Crafts Homes for Those Who Have None