Abandoned Cottiers Cottage

Interesting piece of history. Similar tiny homes have been used like this around the world for a long time, but have long since turned to dust. This historic example still stands due to the building materials.

A typified and long-since abandoned cottier’s cabin near Loughries, County Down, Northern Ireland.

A cottier in Ireland (c.1700–1850) was a person who rented a simple cabin and between one and one and a half acres of land upon which to grow potatoes, oats and possibly flax. The ground was held on a year to year basis and rent was often paid in labour. Usually, the land available to the cottier class was land that was considered unprofitable for any other use.” – Garr8

Photo by Garr8. Read more about The Cottiers Cabin.


Castel Meur

“Castel Meur is the name of this amazing house. She turns her back to the sea since 1861, the year of its construction, to protect it from violent winds during storms, that frequent this place. This tiny house was built at a time when building permits did not exist, where everyone could build her own way and give free rein to his imagination.” – translated from docarmor.free.fr

Photo credit to tizef