A Peek Inside a Houseboat in Prague

Mjölk Architekti redesigned the home, giving it a contemporary look. The houseboat has a 36 m2 (387 ft2) main level living space with a bedroom loft covering about half that.” – Small House Bliss Read and see more of Living on the water in Prague – design by Mjölk Architekti

Dianne’s Rose – Micro Houseboat

Dianne’s Rose was built to keep my wife happy, she was the inspiration asking for a more comfortable boat. For me I wanted it to get out on the water adventuring more often!” – Roy See more of Dianne’s Rose at Learn more about the plans for this boat at Roy’s website.

Floating Guest House

This floating guest house is nestled among a community of eclectic houseboats on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. The project was designed to work as a part-time residence for a couple’s use while their main floating home is being built. After moving into the main house, the guest house will become a vacation retreat …

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Self-Sufficient Houseboat Lets You Leave Civilization Behind

This design concept has some extreme ideas for self-sufficient living. “No Land In Sight is a student project from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. It explores the relationship between adventuring humans and the sea, examining exactly how a long-term sea journey would play out practically and technologically.” via Self-Sufficient Houseboat Lets You Leave …

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