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Self-Sufficient Houseboat Lets You Leave Civilization Behind

This design concept has some extreme ideas for self-sufficient living. “No Land In Sight is a student project from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. It explores the relationship between adventuring humans and the sea, examining exactly how a long-term sea journey would play out practically and technologically.” via Self-Sufficient Houseboat Lets You Leave […]

Ten super-cool tiny houses, shelters, treehouses, and houseboats…

Deek assembled a little collection of tiny space eye candy. This A-frame is my favorite. “These are posted here for the simple sake of some inspirational eye candy- the reason there are no interiors, and such.” via Relaxshacks.com: Ten super-cool tiny houses, shelters, treehouses, and houseboats….  

Tracy Metro’s 560 Square Foot Houseboat Tour

A tiny house living story aboard a houseboat. “Meet Tracy Metro and her lush 560 square foot houseboat that she and her husband live in full-time.” Read more about Tracy Metro’s 560 Square Foot Houseboat.

William’s Floating Teepee

This is a bit of an older story but a good one. “William Woodbridge is a 21 year old second year university student. He has a unique way of looking at life and how he lives as a student is quite different than the usual. Williams lives in a teepee and a floating teepee at that. […]

Relaxshacks.com: The Sweet Pea- A Tiny “Green” Houseboat/Floating Home

Nice little (not tiny) house boat posted on Deek’s blog today. “Sweet Pea, built and designed by Mike Auderer of Olympia Construction, is a 550-square-foot houseboat (located in Olympia, Washington).” See more at Relaxshacks.com: The Sweet Pea- A Tiny “Green” Houseboat/Floating Home.

Extreme Tiny House Boat Living

This tiny house is located on Powell Lake in coastal British Columbia. It’s just 400 square feet (20’x20′) and sits on a floating platform made up of giant logs. Extreme Tiny House Boat Living

Open Houseboat

Architect Joanna Borek-Clement has an incredible imagination. This is one of her recent design concepts, an extreme small house boat with an open plan and exposed structural elements. Open Houseboat

Tiny Boat Houses in the Maldive Islands

Here’s another way to build a tiny house… right on the back of an old boat. The Maldive Islands is a tiny country in the Indian Ocean formed by a group of 26 atolls. The average elevation is 4′ 11″ so it would seem natural for these folks to build homes on boats. Looks like an […]

Funky Houseboats

If you’re familiar with the San Francisco Bay Area you might be aware that the posh bay-side town of Sausalito is the home of several houseboat communities. Most of the floating homes in this exclusive zip code will set you back six or seven figures but there are still pockets of free spirits at the […]

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